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image(3)After the bitter and surprising cards were dealt to her son’s father, Rasheed, in book one of Baby Momma, Michelle is finally looking forward to leading a normal, quiet family life. However, there is nothing quiet about the secret lives the people around her are leading. Michelle finds herself drawn in by the allure of her budding real estate career, catering to the likes of models and basketball players enjoying the sex-fueled spoils of the rich and shameless lifestyle. This only highlights the unsettling fact that her marriage and home life aren’t as picture perfect as she imagined. When things begin to fall apart and fingers start pointing, she’s led down a dark and dangerous path. Her present is united with a part of her past that could potentially destroy everything she’s worked to achieve. Michelle’s journey is comprised of twists and turns, temptation and erotic encounters, and Michelle has only seen the tip of the iceberg. Only time will tell how far down into the depths of deceit she’ll go in her attempts to shake her past and fortify her children’s future.


“I hate this picture, Chelle; it look like I’m cock-eyed or somethin’.”

We were sitting in first class, ready to start our flight from Virginia to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Taking her driver’s license from her I glanced at the photo, and handed it back. “You look fine, baby. Stop bein’ so dramatic; ain’t nothing wrong with that picture.”

“Larissa Laurel. I do like our new last name though. It looks like I could be a model or a actress, some kinda shit you would see on the big screen. . . .” Her voice trailed off.

My mind wandered. It had been roughly three months since the day I’d visited Rasheed in prison to tell him what had happened and, after that, we’d packed up all of our shit and we were getting the hell out of Virginia for good. No looking back and no second thoughts. I glanced over to make sure the baby was still asleep, since we’d just taken off. I didn’t want to be the woman with the loud-ass kids up in first class. She was unconscious, and Trey was busy with a pile of Goldfish—he’d be quiet until they disappeared.

I stared at my reflection in the window, my hazel eyes becoming part of one of the clouds and staring back at me. Who am I? Michelle Roberts—no, Michelle Laurel—a mother, wife, a heroine, or a monster . . .

“You ain’t heard nothin’ I been sayin’, have you?”

I looked up. I couldn’t lie; I hadn’t heard a single thing. Ris could go on and on about any- and everything, and I zoned out so much it’s a wonder she’d even talk to me sometimes.

“I’m sorry, baby, I was thinking about all the stuff we have to do once we get to the new house. You need a car, the kids need new clothes. I’ve got the new business starting up, and if this first buy goes through it could make it so neither of us has to work for anyone ever again, but then I’d have to start lookin’ into staffing and building a client base—”

“Well I was sayin’ we should decorate the house in Wang Chung.” She rolled her eyes at me and popped her tongue.

I was looking at her like she was crazy, trying to interpret whatever the hell it was she’d misinterpreted, so I could figure out what she was talkin’ about. I couldn’t help laughing at her faux pas. “You wanna decorate the house in what? Don’t you mean feng shui?”

“Ain’t that what the hell I said? Anyway, I was lookin’ at this show an’ they was talkin’ ’bout all the shit that it’s good for like wealth an’. . .”

She went on like she hadn’t heard anything that I’d just said.

I rubbed my eyes; they were feeling tired and dry from the hours of researching and reading I’d been doing over the last few weeks. I’d been busy starting my own real estate company on top of getting our shit packed and making sure everything went through with adopting the baby and having her name changed with our name changes. The prison was telling me the child’s name was Paris and, um, I was not having that shit. Lataya Katrice Laurel was a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl and, since I’d always wanted a daughter, she was the perfect fit for our little family. From day one, I’d been treating her as if she were my own.

I couldn’t wait to finally get to a place that we could call home that didn’t have any bad memories, or a bunch of bad vibes attached to it. Everything in Virginia felt tainted in some way, shape, or form. We couldn’t go eat at Rockafeller’s because Rah used to take me there and Ris would get all types of jealous. Then, we’d have an issue over something simple and she’d say, “The only reason you ordered that is ’cause he always ordered that shit. Why you can’t try somethin’ different?”

My answer to that would be, “Maybe it’s because I just like this shit and don’t want anything different.”

My statement would then be followed by Ris slamming down her menu and staring at me. Her eyes would have that “ready to fight” glow and she’d say, “Nah, I jus’ think you miss that nigga.”

And bam: a fight over something as simple as dinner.

We couldn’t eat at IHOP because Rah used to take Honey, and Lord knows who else, up in there and then I would start to feel some kind of way, wondering which waitresses knew he was there with which skank. I knew I shouldn’t think like that about Lataya’s birth mother and call her a skank, God rest her soul. But still, it bothered me knowing some of those people there knew he had a family at home and not only watched him, but encouraged him in his bullshit; parading them hoes around town, fuckin’ whichever one was the flavor of the moment. Yes, a change was definitely going to do the entire family some good.

I didn’t tell Larissa that, as part of the surprise, I’d already had the house decorated but, maybe, we could take everything out of one room and decorate it “Wang Chung” style just for her. I giggled to myself again for that one, besides it was a big-ass house we would grow into. It was way too big for just the four of us right now but when I saw it I knew it was perfect. There was a playroom for the kids with this beautiful jungle mural painted on the walls and ceiling, with monkeys swinging from the trees and a giraffe. The kids would be in awe. I had a library that I couldn’t wait to fill up with all kinds of books, and a pool to swim in. It had all that fancy shit that neither of us grew up with. We’d have it all from now on if I could help it and we both deserved it so much. My family wasn’t going to want for anything because I planned on doing everything in my power to see us all well taken care of.

374635_10201026939814354_1357929109_nNo one ever thought penning verses and hooks for the likes of Pink, Governor, Mike Bless, and Drew Sidora, would ever pan into creating page turning, jaw-dropping, stories.

However, that is exactly what this Norfolk, Virginia native managed to do. On December 23rd Ni’chelle self published the drama filled novel, “Baby Momma.” It was the first in a three part series that not only drew readers into its plots and ploys but spiraled them into a world of passion, crime, and revenge. The novel “Baby Momma,” was an instant success catching the eye of the literary phenomenon and New York Times Best Seller, Carl Weber.

Within two months of its release Ni’chelle was signed to an exclusive publishing deal with Carl Weber’s, Urban Books for the Baby Momma Trilogy.  That was back in 2011, Baby Momma 3 is set to release January 28th 2014 and it will be the final chapter in the Trilogy.  Based on the series success Mr. Weber personally offered Ni’chelle another series.  Read Ni’chelle’s story in Girls From Da Hood 9 & Full Figured 7 for a sneak peak of what’s to come and yes there will definitely be more “Baby Momma” drama . . .


Get to know Ni’chelle:


1         Is anything in your book inspired by real life experiences or purely all imagination?

                A lot of the scenarios are based on actual real life Chelly situations.  By that, I mean the situationships and locationships that take place in my everyday life play a huge part in what I write.  So many married people running around acting single . . . so many single  people prancing around these parts like they’re married.  It’s hard to tell who can give you a REALATIONSHIP


2         What made you choose to write in the Genre you write in?

            I didn’t particularly choose the genre, it kind of chose me.   I was on the verge of  going stir crazy from my slew of bad relationships and random dating drama.    Chelly tried celibacy and somewhere around month ten I started writing and ummm             ALL the romance, drama, and limb twisting, sheet tangling encounters that I wasn’t          having . . . went into my work.                  


3         What was the hardest scene you’ve ever written?

        It’s in Baby Momma 3.  No spoiler  . . . but it was HARD.


4         What was the hardest part about writing Baby Momma 2?

        Starting was the hardest part.  I didn’t plan on the first book being a doorway to a publishing deal let alone a Baby Momma Series.  I had absolutely no clue where or how to begin the 2nd story when it was time to get things moving.  I had all my major characters but I didn’t know who would do what.  It was insane.  Starting is usually the easiest part and ending is the hardest but for this one it was the opposite. 

5         Do you have a specific writing style?

        Romantic suspense is what I’ve been calling it.  It’s a slide to the edge of your seat, peek at the next page trying to see a few words but can’t figure out what’s going to happen next writing style.  I want you to read this Rubik’s cube with the perfect combination of sex and who done it questions, until a twist makes all the pieces click and the colors line up and you’re left with the perfect story.


6         When you hear from readers what do they say?

        The first thing they usually want to know is if I have a wife or if Rasheed is real.  Are my novels based on some kind of relationship with this “Rasheed” person?  I think I covered that in the very first question though. *giggles*


7         What projects can readers look forward to?

        Baby Momma 3 drops Jan 28th 2014 and afterwards the series will continue with Baby Momma 4 & Baby Momma 5 however those will be all new story lines.  Church Girl will begin in 2014 as well.  Full Figure 7 and Girls From da Hood 9 are available now.

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