Author Nate Nati Holmes found Dead

Publisher at Hustle Hard Publications and a friend to many, author Nate Nati Holmes was killed on August 26th around 3 in the morning. Three people were dead following a shooting Thursday morning in Phoenix near 25th Avenue and Campbell, south of Camelback and Interstate 17. Unfortunately Nate was one on the scene pronounced dead. Nate was known for his constant grind to succeed, his writing ability, and his often times straight forward personality. He had traveled the country promoting his literary works and made many plans to continue to pursue his dream as a published writer. But on that morning those dreams were cut short. On the morning of August 26th, thousands of friends and families took to Nate’s face book page to send their condolences and their words of encouragement. There were also various online radio shows that paid tribute to him as well and the African American literary community on this day came together to reflect on his life and us as a whole.

One of his latest works were Revolutionary Minded a collection of heartfelt poetry, essays and short stories strung together . This project also featured AAMBC founder and friend to Nate, Tamika Newhouse.

When I first found out Nate died, I was waiting for someone to say it was a joke. I had spoken to Nate not too long ago and for the longest time him and I were friends. We talked on the phone, shared ideas and concepts, and I was a contributor to his last project. I cried. I mainly cried because not because of the way he died because death is so final. He’s gone but not forgotten.”~ Tamika Newhouse

AAMBC wants to send out its love and gratitude to Nate’s family and to let them know; yes he is gone but never forgotten.

Latest BIO:

Nati Holmes is the founder and owner of Hustle Hard Publications. Mr. Holmes is an author, poet and activist for inmates. With the release of Mr. Holmes’ debut novel, “Can’t Knock the Hustle”, the idea was born to start his own publishing company that would also seek to assist men and women in prison with the opportunity at exposure for their work.

Mr. Holmes has three authors under the banner of Hustle Hard Publications and is seeking other writers to add to the publishing house.

It was while incarcerated on a five year penitentiary bid that Mr. Holmes stumbled upon his own gift as a writer. Having no financial support from family or friends on the outside to provide for his daily needs, he entered a short story writing contest. Holmes was awarded third place in “The Hear Me Project HIV/AIDS campaign 2006 contest” which inspired him to write a full novel.

After only two months, Holmes completed his first full length manuscript and was given encouragement from some heavyweights in the book industry such as his beloved brother Jihad, Anthony Whyte, Michel Moore, Linda Brickhouse, and Randy Kearse.

Nati Holmes decided to take his destiny into his own hands and established Hustle Hard Publications. So please enjoy the ride and witness the greatest underdog story unfold before your eyes as Nati Holmes fights his way to the top of the literature food chain bringing some of the hottest and thrilling writers of urban fiction along for the ride!

The type of books I write is sort of like self help for people in the struggle. It offers alternatives to the streets by allowing the reader insite to things such as SBA loans, how to go about getting funding for school, and how to buy your first home through programs such as HUD. It gives this message through a very fascinating storyline.

On Dec 7, 2010 Nati Holmes signed a major book deal with Augustus Publishing. Be on the lookout this upcoming year for more heat from this exciting new author.

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  2. I met Nati in Harlem in the spring on 2010. He was delivering his books to a bookstore across from The Magic Johnson Theater and I was waiting outside for my sister-in-law who was getting her hair done down stairs in the basement of said bookstore. He approached me and said that he heard I wanted to get published and he heard i did time. He then told me his story and experience, gave me his card and told me to reach out to him anytime.After that day, i talked to him at least twice a week and every time I talked to him he was in a different state or on the train traveling to another state. Nati once told me “I’ll get a 1000 copies of your book printed for you, you’ll have 500 and I’ll have 500. You sell your 500 and I’ll sell mine while promoting both our books. You can start your book tour with me next week.” I was hyped but also skeptical and then I seen him beefing on faceBook and just decided to consider other avenues. Nevertheless, I do feel like I missed out on an opportunity to work with an inspiring brother. Who knows, we may have been a benefit to one another. I believe Nati succeeded in getting his message out there, but failed in being the change he spoke of. He reminds me of 2 Pac, whereas getting away from negative energy was a difficulty. Maybe I could have helped him with that, and I feel bad that I didn’t give him a chance.

  3. I first encounted Nate through an except of “Cant Knock The Hustle”; which I enjoyed., Then I chatted with him often in the begging of my career when we bcame friends on fb. He wanted to give a free copy of my book to a fan, but we never got around to it. But, I loved the fact that he had insight I didnt n he still shared, and showed me love and support. Rip Nate you will be greatly missed.

  4. Is there are reason that no one is discussion the crime committed here? Suspects? Motives? Arrests? WTF? Is it possible for a black man to be murdered and someone actually defer to the criminal justice system? Or have we, as black folks, gone into agreement with the fallacy that we’re never really victims? Help me out? Who did this and why?

  5. Quality over quantity is how I remember colloquialism with Nati. He along with Maxine Silluette the Poet Anderson gave me the motivation and inspiration to do the Author thing. R.I.P. my brother. Your legacy lives on as long as we continue to carry the torch you lit long ago.


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