At the End of the Day By SUZETTA PERKINS

Coming May 15th from Strebor Books 


At The End of The Day is the third installment in the EX-Terminator series, following Nothing Stays the Same. As is customary of friends Sylvia and Kenny Richmond, Rachel and Marvin Thomas, Claudette and Tyrone Beasley, Trina and Cecil Coleman, Mona and Michael Broussard, and Harold and Denise Thomas, they fight together to overcome the obstacles they face as a family and as part of a family of friends.
At the End of the Day plays host to the wedding of Harold and Denise, a premier event, and anyone with an invitation is going to be there, to include the brides’ ex-husband who happens to be the cousin of the groom. But what no one knows is that Denise has stage-4 breast cancer, and the happy couples’ new life together may be short lived. The wedding is also the staging area for what will become a literal thorn in the flesh for Dr. Michael Broussard as his past meet the present.
At the end of the day, all that matters is the love and support of family and friends.

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