Another Man Will by Daaimah S. Poole

The setting is modern Philadelphia, Pa and what one man won’t do,
another one will. Dana Turner – Baby girl of “The Turner Girls” levelheaded, not
married, no kids; overachiever; finds herself “unhappily in love.”
Crystal Turner – Cable Vision representative, desires to be happily
married with a family.  Crystal has three kids with three different
dads and can’t move past the stigma of “trying to save the world” and
“picking the wrong men.” Until she meets Terrell Glover.  Terrell
chooses to love Crystal unconditionally.  Based upon Crystal’s former
experiences this could not possibly be good and  the feelings creep in
about insecurity and awaiting for the other shoe to drop.
Yvette Turner McKnight, thirty three years old and divorced twice.
Yvette got married at 18 to move away from being under her father’s
thumb.  Yvette becomes devastated and weathers through the storm of

The Turner girls are the product of parents that were married for over
thirty five years.  Dad treats Mother like a queen and mother lovingly
submits to her husband.

I rated this book a four because of the excellent theme and
intelligent discussion of finding a man in modern America.  Poole gave
you just enough to hope and wonder for happy endings.  This novel was
great the first time around and worth a second read..


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