Always Remember, You are Loved By Angel D. Washington

Always Remember, You are Loved: A Child’s Curiosity About the Absentee Parent by Angel D. Washington, is a children’s book that is passionate, heartfelt and necessary for those children that need kind and loving parental reassurance. Inspired by personal events, as well as the universally common occurrence in many homes today, this book is an endearing story and a true lesson in love.

As parents, we often find that we must ‘take the higher’ road when explaining the behavior of an absent parent to a child who is too young to understand adult situations. When a parent lies, a child knows. When a parent fails to keep their promise, a child hurts. Having to explain the actions of the absent parent to a child is a difficult task. No matter the answer given, we must provide the answer with love, avoiding the harsh realities of an adult relationship gone bad. Many times, an angry parent will share inappropriate information with a child(ren). This book focuses on reassuring a child that he/she is loved unconditionally, while hoping to ensure that a child has great confidence and a sense of self worth.

Always Remember, You are Loved: A Child’s Curiosity About the Absentee Parent allows single parents to turn a negative situation into a positive one, because it’s the BEST reaction to another’s lack of ACTION. Angel D. Washington hopes that you too, will find that this book offers an abundance of love and a great message. Additionally, that it is a great tool that many families can utilize when explaining or experiencing difficult circumstances that are beyond ones control.  

Excerpt :     
No matter what, Dear Child, I want you to know
That I love you and my love will continue to grow
I will always be here when you need to talk
And don’t blame yourself, Child, it’s not your fault
Here and now, to you, I make this promise
With you, My Child, I will always be honest
You are the light of my life; I’ll never leave you guessing
And my unconditional love for you will never be in question
Know in your heart that God will see you through
Because the Lord wants the very best for you
… And Always Remember, You are Loved.

Interview with Angel:

What was your inspiration for writing this book?  My eldest son inspired me to write this book for each and every child who has been disregarded by a parent and hurt in the process. It was my duty as a mother to protect my son from pain, disappointment and the selfish behaviors of others. My oldest son had to go through some things that NO child should have to experience. I had a birdseye view of how EASY it is for people to disregard their children. In writing this book, I am removing the power of those who CHOOSE to abandon their child(ren) and giving that power back to the child(ren). Those kids are entitled to that.

Why is it so important to raise awareness about the effects of parental abandonment?  People don’t realize that often times there are underlying developmental issues when children are lacking parental love and support. According to a good friend, Ms. Fatima Taylor, who works with children suffering from non-severe to severe disabilities, for the betterment of a child’s growth, behaviorally, socially, developmentally or medically, parental love and support is not only encouraged, but also necessary. Every parent should want their child to thrive and be successful in all aspects of life. Not only that, but children are very observant and they often realize when their family is different from their relatives, friends, and classmates families. Once they realize that they are without a Mommy or a Daddy, they begin to inquire about why that parent is missing. How does one tell a child that their non custodial parent doesn’t want to see him/her? How does a Mom or Dad tell a child that the absent parent will never visit, simply by choice? Children begin to think that THEY are the problem. NO CHILD should bear the weight of adult situations on his/her shoulders. It is important that children understand that they are deserving of unconditional love. It is also important for slack or neglectful parents to understand the pain that they cause.  Although this is a children’s book, it can be a tool for all.

What is your message for the children of single parent homes?  My message for children of single parent homes is that there are some things in life that are beyond our control. Unfortunately, some children lose parents to death. Then there are those who lose a parent to an unwavering selfishness that allows a parent to walk away without ever looking back. No child is to blame for the lack of parenting skills of adults. I want all children to know that they are gifts from God and He loves ALL of his children.  I want all children to realize and understand that they are worthy and deserving of unconditional affection and to… Always Remember, You are Loved…

Is there a force that drives you?  My family in its entirety is my driving force. My parents and siblings have and will always be supportive. My three sons are the reason my heart beats. My determination to leave a legacy for them keeps me inspired. My significant other is a significant link in this chain, as well.

Are you interested in other genres?  I love writing. Before I wrote ‘Always Remember, You are Loved: A Child’s Curiosity About the Absentee Parent’, I’d written a novella for young adults, ‘A Lesson Learned’. However, prior to writing either book, poetry and spoken word was my only interest. I still write poetry and perform spoken word and I LOVE IT! My spoken word CD will be available soon, but (laughing) here’s my disclaimer… IT IS NOT FOR CHILDREN!!!!

How can someone reach you for information?   My email address is . I also have Angel’s Diary Books page on Facebook.  Twitter : @angelsdiary1  and my website is

Where or how can your book be purchased? My book is available on , , as well as purchasing it through me by contacting me at (Special discounts  available when purchasing through me.)

4 thoughts on “Always Remember, You are Loved By Angel D. Washington”

    • Thank you, Browniys28. I just recently started working on it’s sequel, ‘Always Remember, You are Loved: A Child’s Curiosity About the Loss of a Loved One.’ I hope to tap into the mind of a child by letting them know that there are so many things beyond their control. Death is hard for ANYONE, but most children have no concept of why it takes place. I want to ease their hurt and misunderstanding.

    • Daniel, my books cover different subject matter. Every book doesn’t apply to everyone, but there is a range of topics in my book series that address different social and emotional issues.


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