AAMBC’s 3rd Annual Books that Make You Go OOOOO

AAMBC’s 3rd Annual Books that Make You Go OOOOO

We are gearing up for our third celebration of love and we are looking for erotic and romance authors to showcase and feature. This is a 14 day Blog feature of everything love and erotic. From kinky questions and games to fun Q&A sessions for readers. Daily a giveaway will be hosted and lucky winners can win copies of the books featured.

Authors we have 14 spots so sign up today and receive:

Website profile on AAMBC’s website and Blog

Constant Twitter Marketing to thousands of followers

FaceBook blasts and features

One newsletter feature to over 8500 subscribers

A BookGiveaway contest hosted on your book

A radio interview on AAMBC Radio

And lastly……A video commercial with your book cover and headshot included

Sign up today at [email protected] *rates do apply*

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