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Wet DreamsFrontWet Dreams is a collection of poems written about stories told by my friends. Whenever I had deep conversations with my close friends, the dialogue would lead to intimacy. We would talk about our fantasies. They would talk about the men that they had encountered and their nights of passion. Even though sometime some of the conversations made my face turn red, I enjoyed them. This book is a candid peek into those conversations. I hope you have fun reading this book as much as I have writing it. Best, Tiffany Taylor.

Trivia about the book:1.    How many poems in Wet Dreams are actually true
2.    In the poem, Even if my husband knows, who is the writer referring to
3.    In Wet Dream, how many readers can relate to the poems
4.    In the poem, Between a dick and a hard place, what is the writers referring to
5.    In  the poem One Night Stand, has the writer ever had one
6.    In the poem, Nympho is the writer referring to herself or someone else
7.    How many other books have the author of Wet Dreams written.

4 Quotes from Book:
1.    “As you hit it from the back
I holler, “Oooh shit, right there”
I could care less if people
Give us a blank stare”
2.    “He was drilling so good
My ass had a permanent tattoo
When he finished, he asked
“You ready for round two?”

3.    “You cum over and fill my candy dish
With your sweetness and I enjoy every last drop
And I give you your special treat
A blow pop lollipop
The scent of us fills the air
And I wish I could put the scent into a spray bottle
To spray it when you are not there”

4.    “It has to be illegal
For him to remain standing
This long at attention
It’s the baton that
Controls my pussy
It waves around and
She dances to whatever
The baton desires”

But the book: amzn.to/1nJBvjU

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