#AAMBCBookParty with The Loudest Silent by Kai

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Why bother to be his wife when you can never be his best friend? For Terrence, the best friend role has always been filled; wifey was the only available slot. Lani took that position with pride, but now she realizes that she has the entire game backward – she was foolish enough to think that the woman with the biggest diamond was the winner. Instead, she feels like just another obligation while Kenya, Terrence’s best friend, is where he has hidden his heart. But Lani isn’t your average house wife. And a smashed heart doesn’t make her lie down and die. Just the opposite, she jumps in the boxing ring with both gloves tied. But she isn’t fighting for Terrence or for love; she is going purely for self and taking no prisoners. In the end, neither Terrence nor Kenya can compare to her.

Trivia Questions:

1. What is Kenya to Terrence? Has he really been blind all this time?
2. What do you think about Christopher and Lani – new interest, or was something always there?
3. Was Lani dead ass right for what she did, or dead ass wrong?
4. Can Terrence get over it? Should he?
5. Should Terrence have just been with Kenya in the first place?
6. Is Christopher a good guy, or a big wimp?
7. Did you want Terrence and Lani to make it, or split up? Why?

Quotes from The Loudest Silent:

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