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Darren and Tina have enjoyed marital bliss for the last couple years since they tied the knot, but their marriage is tested when Darren hires a much-needed, new, sexy assistant to help alleviate the load with his business.  A different shade of Tina started to emerge, and their loyalty to each other is tested.
Will Tina and Darren allow a stranger to come between them and destroy what they have worked so hard to build? Has Darren had enough of Tina’s antics? Is he ready to move on?  Maybe the best has yet to come for them?

Book Trivia:
1- How has Tina changed since the first book?
2- Is Darren a pushover?
3- Is Abigail a serious threat to Tina and Darren’s marriage?
4- What can Darren do to keep from giving in to temptation?
5- Can Tina trust her husband?
6- Is Tina’s brother guilty?
7- Will Darren and Tina’s marriage survive?

Quotes from the book:
“Tina, you know the one thing I don’t have right now is time. I’m already swamped, and if you feel this girl can do the job, let’s hire her,”
“You know? You are one crazy woman. Where’d you get that wig you’re wearing?”
“If I make it home before you, I want you to suck me until your jaws hurt tonight,”
“I might consider making your pussy purr after I win the bet.”
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