#AAMBCBookParty with @NicetyCouture on Feb 20th

CandyShop part2Join us February 20th at 7pm EST on Twitter  for another book chat. Use #AAMBCBookParty in all of your tweets as we talk to the author live!
SYNOPSIS— Part 2 picks up right where part 1 left off as Messiah and Red find themselves in the middle of a showdown. After Skid picks up the pieces and straightens out the situation as he normally does, he finds himself struggling with a few decisions of his own. One of which is his newfound infatuation with Red. Messiah wonders if starting the business back up is the right thing to do and finds himself in the middle of a triangle tug of war. Braze realizes she wants her baby to have a complete family, Red realizes that she and he were meant to be, and an old flame decides to fight for what’s rightfully hers. This sequel is explosive! Who will come out on top as H.B.I.C.?
Trivia Questions:
1. Who did you think would come out on top? Red, Braze, or Alexis.
2. What kind of man does Messiah seem like to you?
3. Did Amy’s views and actions surprise you?
4. Would you date a man with traits like Danger?
5. What were your thoughts about the Stew Maker?
6. Which one of the trio of bad chicks is a better woman for Messiah?
7. Do you crave a part 3?
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