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Join us February 27th at 7pm EST on Twitter  for another book chat. Use #AAMBCBookParty in all of your tweets as we talk to the author live!

Forgiveness is the pulse that sustains all friendships.
The most anticipated sequel of the year…Where Did We Go Wrong? left readers asking, “Who got shot?” Where Did We Go Wrong Again? continues immediately after the shooting. One of the beloved central characters is critically wounded and another is murdered. The bonds of friendship and love are tested after the tragedy causes all involved to make irrational decisions that complicate their lives even more. Nothing will ever be the same as everyone is forced to make monumental, life-altering decisions. Can relationships be salvaged in time to help one another through the consequences of poor judgment?
Book cover attached. What do you need for the blog tour? I’m trying to catch up from the flu and bronchitis that knocked me on my butt for a while.

Trivia Questions:

1) Did Trent redeem himself by helping Dean’s hostages?
2) Was Allen’s relationship with Diana as innocent as he made it to be?
3) Should Maxine have told Joy and Gabby about her reconciliation with Trent?
4) Why did Joy put Allen through so much before she forgave him?
5) What did you think about Gabby’s relationship with Bo?
6) How do you feel about Gabby and Osaki’s plan for Rayshawn?
Quotes from the book:
“Dean, I know you didn’t mean to kill Allen. I don’t blame you.”

“Isn’t that something. He was murdered with the same gun he held to my daughter’s head. God is Good.”

“You are incredibly ignorant when it comes to men, Maxine. Remember the married man who told you nothing but lies to get between your legs.”

“Bo, may I have one of those waters, please. I swallowed something a few minutes ago and it left a nasty taste in my mouth.”

“Your girlfriend, Diana called me. She had a nerve to call my children retarded. I hate you! We’re through!”

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