#AAMBCBookParty with @famousfoxx March 27th at 7pm EST

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Join us March 27th at 7pm EST on Twitter  for another book chat. Use #AAMBCBookParty in all of your tweets as we talk to the author live!

I Just Had Another Moment is a book of intimate Poems, Short Stories and Pictures from author/writer Peggy Foxx. This book is set in Peggy’s sexiest places. Peggy writes these erotic poems about love, hurt, pain, good feelings and disappointments. Peggy writes about orgasmic adventures with the International flair. I just had another moment has it’s humble points as well as it’s dominant sessions. Peggy takes you through tales of her next story taking you through the height of a fantasy ride. Great experiences with Bondage, Dominance, Submission, Sex, and lots of tease. This is a page turning adventure you won’t regret.

Book Trivia:

1) Is the book based on actual experiences?
2) What type of shoes was Angela wearing in The Flight?

3) What is Angela’s Husbands name in “The Flight?”

4) What is a typical night in One Night Stand (The Female Perspective?)

5) Finish this sentence in “I Don’t Know Why?” I want him to jam Queen Cleopatra……

6) In “The Wind” When she stood up against the wall what did she do?

7) What color is Lisa’s hair in “The Gentleman?”

8) What Hotel did  “Again” take place?

Quotes from the book:

1) Another fucking love story

2) He looked me in my eyes and said goodbye. I’m not your average black guy.

3) “He never entered me. He used his mouth on me, and he left a rose. I felt so violated.”      The Gentleman Invader

4) I said goodbye to my late night lover and headed out the door. I was sexually free.

5) If the connection is there, it will be. Otherwise why are you wasting your time!

6) He’s the guy I want to met Not to mention he’s a freak

7) I’m smiling and laughing at him Cause he makes me smile and laugh with him

8) I want him to jam Queen Cleopatra After I stroke Big Brutis And call him master

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