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Plucked Chicken Cover Rodney EvansThis lighthearted lesson in courage is wrapped in a story about the role chicken plays in our lives. In a faraway magical land, plucked chickens start appearing in everyone’s kitchen. What they do will blow you away! The Sheriff must man-up before everyone in town catches a new condition medical conditional called chick-a-lunacy or one even worse named  rooster-run-a-phobia.


The Case of the Plucked Chicken is a lesson on courage and responsibility and one of the funniest chicken stories you’ll ever read.


Trivia Questions about the Case of the Plucked Chicken:

1.       What did the chicken do to turn itself into a chicken salad?

2.       What does a chicken, a hero and a toddler have in common?

3.       Which condition is worse, chick-a-lunacy or rooster-run-a-phobia?

4.       Who said, “Big or little, you can’t let a chicken win?”

5.       What was the Sheriff doing when the big chicken first appeared?

6.       When sweet-talking the chicken, what did the Sheriff offer?

7.       How does a chicken represent life?


Quotes from the book:


1.    The mysterious case of the plucked chicken wiped chicken off every dinner table.


2.    This condition made the ladies faint when someone asked them to cook chicken.

3.    When that didn’t work he tried sweet-talking the chicken.

4.    Lemon and garlic roasted chicken infused with Italian herbs. Served with roasted potatoes, sautéed mushrooms & buttery rolls.

5.     The chicken was trying to put itself in the oven.


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