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upWhen a young man grows up with advantages—a good home, good parents, and educational opportunities—the last thing one would expect him to do is to embrace the thug life. That’s exactly what Anthony Dixon did. During his years as a student at Florida State University, he straddled two worlds: the world of an academic and the world of the streets. And the streets led him to a place he didn’t want to be.

Dixon went straight from his university graduation to state prison, where he spent five-and-a-half years examining his life. And what faith and introspection taught him took him all the way to the hallowed halls of Indiana University, where he earned a PhD.

Written in a gritty, compelling voice, this cautionary tale boldly crosses class and generational lines, appealing to teens adults alike. His story will change the way you think about the life choices you make.

 Trivia on the book #UpFromIncarceration:

Where was Dr. Anthony Dixon raised? #UpFromIncarceration #Books

Dr. Anthony Dixon received his Ph.D. from what prestigious university? #UpFromIncarceration #Books

What was Dr. Anthony Dixon’s “street” nickname? #UpFromIncarceration #Books

What incident led to Dr. Anthony Dixon’s decision to stop selling crack? #UpFromIncarceration #Books

What bone did Dr. Anthony Dixon break in a car accident while fleeing police? #UpFromIncarceration #Books

What was the length of Dr. Anthony Dixon’s 1995 prison sentence? #UpFromIncarceration #Books

What type of classes did Dr. Anthony Dixon teach while incarcerated? #UpFromIncarceration #Books


Four quotes from the book:

“I began to understand that my transformation was a process that would not happen overnight.” #UpFromIncarceration

“Younger generations have reconstructed visions of manhood with violence and estranged detachment.” #UpFromIncarceration

“Cold weather affects my mood. When it is bitter outside, I am bitter.” #UpFromIncarceration

“The tenets of street life … say trust very few if any, and think nothing of the rest.” #UpFromIncarceration

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Website:  http://www.profaedixon.com/order/
Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Up-Incarceration-Dispelling-Myths-Thug/dp/0615998534/ref=la_B00JEPSMW0_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1404762248&sr=1-1

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