#AAMBCBookParty with @misskpdc the author of "The Dirty Divorce Series"


January 22nd at 9:00pm EST

Imagine a life where you have everything money can buy; coupled with the fact that you’re a Sanchez, a member of the most INFAMOUS family in Washington, D.C. In Dirty Divorce Part 4 the off springs of Rich Sanchez, Juan and Denie don’t disappoint. Juan is determined to become his own man, speeding through the fast lane of money, cars, sex and women. As he dominates the industry his father once ruled, he soon learns that being top dog carries a heavy price tag.


While Juan attempts to dodge his demise, Denie stares death straight in the face. She’s willing to put others at risk by keeping secrets and betraying all the wrong people; someone she least expects. While Juan and Denie grow up repeating the vicious cycle Rich created, someone familiar watches in the shadows intending on ruining the Sanchez Empire for good. Relationships are tested, lives are lost, and loyalty goes out the window as the Sanchez family battles to stay on top of the game that ruined them from the start.

Trivia Questions about The Dirty Divorce 4:

Tamika, having a hard time with these. Let me know if I should go back to the drawing board.
Which Sanchez is more likely to slit your throat & think nothing of it? #DirtyDivorcept4
 Shocked that this character has resurfaced from Dirty Divorce pt3? Is it really… #DirtyDivorcept4
When drugs, sex, and violence all collide, you get who as the most ruthless character? #DirtyDivorcept4
Loyalty is hard to come by and  **** just can’t be trusted. Ummmm, who’s the disloyal villain? #DirtyDivorcept4
And the winner for Best Liar & Most hated Dirty Divorce character goes to ______ ?
Why is it that he hurts everyone he supposedly loves?  http://www.amazon.com/Dirty-Divorce-part-Miss-KP/dp/1934230626
Quotes from Dirty Divorce 4:
Killing a family member would change my life 4ever. But it had to be done. #DirtyDivorcepart4
“I thought I’d killed your ass & sent u 2 meet your maker. You fucked up now.” #DirtyDivorcepart4
“One  of us won’t make it out alive. Believe that.” #DirtyDivorcepart4
“I cried, hearing the news…two bodies found in the river. Not my son!!” I cried.
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