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UNBROKENKindle“In this book, you will not get the fictitious storyline that is
usually written. Between these pages lies the many real and raw
experiences that Lakia McDaniel has gone through as a mother, a
daughter, a lover, an entrepreneur, but most importantly….A WOMAN.

Lakia is a woman that has experienced heartbreak from lack of
self-love,  loss of a child,  financial failure and more. Even in the
midst of it all, she was able to find her path back to loving herself
again and being happy. As you open this book & read page by page, you
will find the inspiration that kept her pushing forward.

Lakia McDaniel shows you that no matter the  strength of the storm,
your umbrella of faith will keep you dry, as well as teach you when to
dance in the rain. Eventually, the sun will come back out.”

7 trivia questions about the book Unbroken:

1) Why did Lakia decide to write Unbroken?
2) How did Lakia come to accept the loss of her youngest child?
3) Ever thought about someone and wished you could UNfuck the person?
4) What does it mean to be DICKmotized?
5) How did rejection from men in the past help improve Lakia’s self esteem?
6) What does being Unbroken mean to you?
7) Should men read Unbroken, as well?

4 quotes from the book, Unbroken:

1) “Forced love is never genuine love, so let it flourish naturally.
Until then….self love should be sufficient enough.”
2) “when I learned that my youngest child died and how, I felt that I
failed as a protector and as a mother.”
3) “Money is a powerful piece of paper to be able to alter someone’s
mood. Without it, we’ll feel useless and become disabled from
achieving many things.”
4) “A lot of times, we do so much for our boyfriends, thinking it will
be reciprocated. This is nothing but emotional manipulation.”

Find the author:

Twitter handle is @LakiaNichole
Website link is www.newbreedpublishing.com
There is currently no ‘buy book’ link

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