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Unconscious_LIES.jpgsmallPeter Lawson doesn’t realize he’s in a coma.  Why would he?  He’s still in his own bedroom and he sees his wife almost every day.  But there are some strange things going on that he doesn’t fully understand.  Take for instance the strange group of people now inhabiting his home.  He demands answers but no one even acknowledges him, even his wife.  Why can’t they hear him?  Who are they and why do they have him strapped to his own bed?

Since he can’t remember anything about his past, Pete must take his wife’s word for everything.  But can she be trusted?  Why hasn’t anyone around town heard of the firm where she claims to work?  What is she hiding?

The dreams Pete keeps having about murdering six people seem too real not to be true.  The feeling of sticking his blade into the old man’s chest should’ve been something he disliked, but the fact that he enjoyed it was undeniable.  Still, why would a simple woodworker enjoy taking another man’s life?

Trivia Questions:

1. Do we really see a bright light inside a coma or something else, something darker?
2. Did Pete Lawson really murder six people?
3. Can Pete trust his own wife?
4. Is Pete really a simple wood worker, or a trained killer?
5. Why are the majority of the doctors around town so focused on Pete and his 2 year coma?
6. Wouldn’t it be amazing to learn that you were actually able to communicate with other coma patients?
7. Was there really someone else in the room each time Pete stuck his knife in those six people, or was it just in his mind?

Quotes from the book:
1. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t seem to stop myself from jamming the blade of the large knife into him.

2. I’d be lying if I said a small piece of me didn’t actually enjoy the sickening sound of the knife slashing through his flesh.

3. I wanted to scream at her, Get these pills out of my system, and I might be able to pick myself up from the sofa and turn off the TV, but even that required effort.

4. The mirror stopped me midway. The man looking back was a pitiful sight.

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