AAMBC Sunday Twitter Party

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Sunday at the Baltimore Urban Book Festival it goes down live on Twitter. All the activity you want be able to witness in person will be right at your finger tips. AAMBC Founder Tamika Newhouse will be tweeting live feeds from the 1st annual event and also live footage of her travels through Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Maryland. You don’t want to MISS OUT!

Starting bright and early Sunday morning April 10th, follow the #2011AAMBCAwards trend to get all the scoop on the 2011 AAMBC Literary Awards. And not only that you get to know FIRST who the 2011 Urban Book of the Year goes too. And one by one during the announcing of the show we will announce the winners of the 2011 AAMBC Literary Awards…..Don’t miss it.

Follow us on Twitter now @aambookclub

Or join the chat room at http://twebevent.com/aambookclub

Follow the trending topic #2011AAMBCAwards by typing the pound (#) syllable and characters (2011AAMBCAwards) into your search bar on Twitter

See you on the web during AAMBC’s first Twitter Party and tell your friends to follow along!

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