AAMBC Reviews: Deadly Satisfaction by Trice Hickman

254889105 Stars*****


Deadly Satisfaction by Trice Hickman is one entertaining romance that readers will enjoy. There’s plenty to keep readers hooked such as scandals, murder, local gossip and not to mention an ex-lover. Trice Hickman’s novel is brilliantly well-developed, fast-paced, and full of suspense. There is a ot going on and readers will be left guessing as the pages are turned. Genva lost her husband and got remarried. She thought all will be well until trouble heads her way. With a business, a baby and threatening threats tossed around, Genvea is going to need all her energy to survive what she thought was once solved. I found this romance susprising and absolutely intriguing. The ending will be worth the reading. I highly recommend this read to readers everywhere.

Danielle Urban
AAMBC Reviewer

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