AAMBC Radio season 5 premieres with Anna J

Monica is back, and causing all kinds of trouble. It’s been four years since Monica was chased out of her beloved home town of Philadelphia, leaving a new born and tons of enemies behind. It’s not until the checks for child support that she willingly pays the Cinque’s for her son start to come back undeliverable that she decides to step foot back in the city of brotherly love to claim what’s hers. Will old sparks rekindle, and will she make it out of the city alive? When there’s a price on your head you have to decide what’s more important…love or your life. Hitting the shelves October 30th, 2012 My Woman His Wife 3: Playing for Keeps is yours for the taking…don’t be the last to find out what happens next.

About the author: Anna J, bestselling author of My Woman, His Wife and Snow White, has been a heavy hitter for eight years in the book business. With gritty street tales such as Get Money Chicks and erotic short stories like “Super Market Sweep” (appearing in Erotic Snapshots Volume 1) Anna is a versatile storyteller who has become a household name. She now wear’s the “publisher” hat, and her independent projects, Erotic Snapshots Volumes 1-5, and Motives 1 & 2, are available under her company The Writer’s Edge Publications, LLC on the Kindle from Amazon and the Nook from Barnes and Noble. A Philadelphian, born and raised, she proudly writes about her city. Anna, fondly referred to by her friends as Ms. J, is excited about the release of her eighth novel My Woman His Wife 3: Playing For Keeps, and along with her independent projects she looks forward to giving you the Anna J fix that you crave. She can be found on Face Book under AnnaJQueenPen and you can leave messages on her website at www.allthingsannaj.com

Show airs: October 16th at 8pm EST

Where: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/aambc/2012/10/17/season-5-premiere

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