AAMBC honors 50 Urban Fiction Authors during Black Writers Weekend

Inaugural Urban Legend’s Ball held during Black Writer’s Weekend 2019

ATLANTA — In its 11th year of promoting and celebrating African American creatives in publishing, television and film, African Americans on the Move Book Club (AAMBC) will honor fifty authors who have made significant contributions to the Urban Fiction literary genre at the inaugural Urban Legend’s Ball during Black Writer’s Weekend June 7–9, 2019.

“We decided to honor fifty authors because we want people to pay attention to the genre, to give the genre a little more respect,” says Tamika Newhouse, AAMBC founder. “It’s a lot of people who write it, create it, lived it and who has impacted so many others in a positive way.”

The Urban Legend’s Ball will be held on June 9, 2019 in Atlanta. GA Also, during Black Writer’s Weekend, attendees will have an opportunity to enjoy panel discussions, workshops, the celebratory book bash, movie screenings and the highlight of the weekend — AAMBC Literary Awards press conference, which recognizes black writers and creatives in literature.

With approximately 400 attendees and growing, the AAMBC Awards is the largest entertainment awards show and gathering for black creatives, film, and television, and a must attend for African-American authors.

“Our hope is that the Urban Legends Ball opens eyes and brings more recognition to the genre,” says Newhouse. “This type of storytelling is needed. It reflects us, our communities, where we come from. It is a part of our history, pretty or not. I hope people pay attention.”

To learn more about Black Writer’s Weekend visit www.blackwritersweekend.com


Black Writers Weekend is an annual event created to celebrate and honor black literary creatives in publishing and film. Since its inception in 2008 originally known as AAMBC Awards weekend, the festival has been held in several locations; Baltimore, Chicago, San Antonio, and finally found a home in Atlanta in 2014.

African Americans On the Move Book Club, Inc. is to develop interactive literacy-based programs centered around books and creatives. We advocate for literary arts, literacy, and bridging the gap for black writers and opportunities. To learn more visit www.aambc.org

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