#AAMBC gives 4 stars to The Illegal by Lawrence Hill

7915528The Illegal didn’t keep me as interested as I thought it would. I wasn’t a bad book but it took while to get to the points he was trying to explain. Lawrence Hill is a very descriptive writer. He gave a really long backstory so you can understand why Ketia’s sister was kidnapped or why illegals were being killed. He also was very descriptive. There were a lot of characters that played a big part in the story and it was somewhat hard to keep track of everyone at first. He also chose to tell the story in many different points of views using multiple characters to tell the side of the story. I really liked the ending of the book. The last few chapters were the best to me. I was really into the book when Ketia found out his sister was kidnapped and being held for ransom. At that point I couldn’t put the book down.
Reading this book made me think a lot about illegals and racism. It made me think about how illegals are treated and what needs to change. This is the type of book that makes you look at our world and say we need change.
Kayla Landry
AAMBC Reviewer

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