#AAMBC 2013 Urban Book of the Year "Hated by Many, Love by None"

hated shanJahzara, Honey and Tomeka are best friends til the end. The three of them would die for each other and have always had each other’s back. They each desperately wanted better lives and were willing to work extra hard in order to attain it.
Relationship issues in their personal lives bring the girls closer together than ever before- especially when Jahzara brings a business proposal to the table.
Betrayal, lies, jealousy and murder is only the beginning of what they have to overcome. Will they succumb to it all or will they rise above it and find their way out?

First of all congratulations on your win for Urban Book of the Year by having this win what does that mean to you?

 It means a lot to win an AAMBC literary award. I am truly thankful to everyone that has supported me, everyone that felt I should’ve been nominated, and everyone that followed up with a vote. It further motivates me to keep going and keep giving readers stories they can enjoy. I’m truly honored.

  Take us back to the beginning on how did you start out; what was your first book?

 I started out writing as a child in elementary school and would write different stories over and over again. It was great therapy for me. I didn’t get serious about publishing until 2011 when I wrote my first book titled Rozalyn.

  Do you feel that your book was justifiably right to win such a title?

Yes. I knew that when I came up with the title that the book would be big. My mentor also had huge expectations for the book so it’s great to see how much people are loving it.

New to the game how do you plan to make your way to the top among the most popular and elite?

Just by being myself and staying unique and creative. Long as I stay true to myself and work hard there is no other way to go than up.

Hated by Many, Love by None..the title itself is so unique what can we expect from you in the future?

 Part 2 to that is already out. I’m currently working on Hated by Many, Loved by None 3 that will be out soon and also a couple of other books that will be out in the near future with S.B.R. Publications.

 Myss Shan, your name and your brand what has been your proudest moment in your writing career so far?

 I would definitely have to say seeing Hated By Many, Loved by None being ranked #160 in the world, in the kindle store. That was a great accomplishment for me and my team.

 Please follow up with telling us about your next release.

 There are two books that I know for sure will be next from me:

 The Butler Brothers: A Black Mafia Tale

 Hated by Many, Loved By None 3

 But please stay tuned for many many more.

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  1. Oh my god!!! When will Rozalyn 3 be out or is it out already because I can not find it!! I absolutely love the way you write, it is so real!! You have definitely gained a fan with me.. Looking forward to reading everything you put out!! Great job!!


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