AABC Radio hosts Ebonee Monique

April 25th @ 7pm CST AT www.blogtalkradio.com/aambc

Ebonee Monique graduated from Florida A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations. Prior to becoming a published author, Ebonee Monique served as Morning Show Host and Operations Manager for WANM 90.5FM in Tallahassee, Florida and produced an on-air weekly entertainment segment on TOUCH 106.1FM in Boston, MA. She currently lives in the state of Florida. www.eboneemonique.com

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  1. Hello,
    My name is T.T. King -I’m a new author excited about the prospect of listing my new book Slang*etry with AAMBC:( excerpt GHETTO LOVE BALLADS):
    …..if you done heard one ghetto ballad –you’ve heard all of ’em
    Love ballads ‘round here -are wrote in dark chords -about court dates for child support-and paternity…
    -The lyrics are about cheating ,lies, gambling, addictions, lost hope, ghetto dreams
    – drama queens, drug fiends, deadbeats
    …superstars whose light may never reach maturity
    …. love tragedies, emotional catastrophe’s… & the constant vibrato’s of arguing
    echoing through the walls & the concrete…
    everybody singing they part -to the same tune …with the notes gone wrong
    on life’s broke down piano ,with the keys long gone …
    Just hear it
    Waking and sleeping to it ‘til the tune gets engrained in your spirit
    The rich folks that ain’t dope fiends -can’t stand to hear it – ‘cause they fear it
    They lock the sound behind bars ,so they don’t have to be near it
    …….or try to kill it
    -‘cause it’s old Cocktail walking the same streets every day
    – her hips chiming they wares , advertising her pain for sale
    crescendo of the baby’s screaming, the ones who need they comfort and the ones who will never receive it- so eventually learn not to need it
    little girls lullabying in they childish, grown woman soprano’s –for the boys and the men to come & get it if they want it….
    lulling they big heads right to sleep and waking up the little heads that don’t think…
    somebody’ll be pregnant by the end of the week.
    -Tambourine of bicycle pedal squeaks -only the crack head’s riding
    – the kids have to stay inside ‘cause it’s too dangerous in the streets
    …they new toys is cell phones & t.v.
    they ringing and videos add to the melody of
    basketball dribbling, sweat dripping like water
    -dope boy’s hollin’ that they got it
    I take my drank outside, after I get my cigarette lighted
    ‘Cause I heard handcuff jangles blendin’ in like a violins, ‘dem blue boyz out here picking up Pee Wee again-
    Bass baritone for me to call his mama and ‘them
    -I probably won’t do it though –
    I hope they keep him this time- ‘cause lately he been running round here acting like an asshole
    I let his is acapella gets drowned out by sirens
    -and the fighting ,
    and the crying
    and the violence
    and the blood that sing out from the grass , when you walk over where somebody died
    ……though most of them lived in vain and died at a young age
    … they don’t wanna be forgotten.
    -drum taps of all the footsteps that keep on walking.
    Domino clackers, choruses of laughter,
    Singing ooh, altogether ‘cause Brenda just brought home the new triplets , after having 3 miscarriages in 2 years -and we harmonizing in ghetto ballad unity about- “Oh how sweet God is, ‘cause whatever He take- if you keep faith , He replenishes .With Brenda singing the loudest Amen
    -on top of the tap tap of Sister Black’s heels on her way to evening service with them grandkids, praying all the way, for they mama- (ain’t no telling where that girl is)
    -on top of the alto wail of Chanel downstairs ‘cause she done got fired again
    –on top of gossip
    – on top of liquor swills,& huffs of whatever type of smoke
    – until it all swirls together into one note
    that you’re lucky if you ever heard
    -and blessed if you haven’t
    – if you ain’t got issues with my ghetto you welcome to come by and share it ….
    ain’t no solo’s here but if you want a part on the stage you can have it
    & our attention , if you can grab it –
    While we create our own singing roles and do our own vocals
    copyright T.T. King 2011 all rights reserved


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