A Satisfied Husband Subtitle: No Side Pieces Allowed! by. Nicolette Hines

Marriage Coach and Inspirational Speaker Nicolette Hines responds to a compelling urge to bring value back to the vows of many. In this book she elaborately discusses the reality of couples moonlighting outside of their marriages to find comfort, peace, sex, love and resolve that only their spouses should satisfy. The book is a reminder that marriage is not the fairytale of perfect people, fake smiles in public and tears in private. It’s much more than a legal sex buffet. It’s mutual work and desire, hardship, forgiveness, growth and commitment. We live in an era where side chics are considered the new normal.

This phenomenon removes everything sacred about marriage and kills the Value in the Vow. This book is designed to restore the integrity of the vow, and to spark conversation of how wives can fortify their relationships once and for all.

As a wife of 20 plus years with a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology with special concentration in Marriage and Family Counseling, Nicolette reveals in-depth wisdom gained from her personal experiences with the challenges many marriages face daily. Not only does she share from the perspective of a wife who desires to be the only one to satisfy her man, but she illuminates ways that husbands can make it much easier. Engaged, dating, married, grown apart, cheating, or helplessly in love; this book is for you.

Love is a complicated word that often reveals its truth after adversity. Many abandon their vows before love clears its throat to speak. We then continue our search for perfection and sometimes it’s the person who ruffles our feathers in an imperfect way, who truly holds the key to our heart.

Get ready to laugh, relate and revive the virtues you thought were dead in your marriage. Ladies get ready to rediscover your super powers. Husbands prepare to rekindle, grab your Boo, set the mood and enjoy.

By the way, No Side Pieces Allowed!




Some women were taught that keeping a man satisfied is all about making sure he always have a full stomach, a big smile and empty scrotums.

It was just a matter of time before leaving his clothes on the floor became the reason we wanted to throw our whole husband away. When we recite our VOWS we don’t usually take into consideration that there’s going to be something we despise about the person. We don’t even think for a second that we’re going to have to love even the part of them that we despise.


Nicolette Hines is an Author, Speaker, Poet, Playwright and Marriage Coach. She has a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology with special concentration in Marriage and Family Counseling. Nicolette is married to Pastor Patrick Hines for 21 years and they have five children. Nicolette came from a background of hardship in which she managed to make her own rules and take authority over her life. She is the founder of the Woman Up Movement which is an organization designed to rebuild women who has been broken by traumatic experiences in life. Nicolette is the CEO of Boss Up Enterprise a collaboration of all of her brands. Through every challenge she’s managed to Woman Up and pursue her victory. She’s resilient and unbreakable.


Get to know Nicolette:

Get to know Nicolette:
1.If one spouse or the other is deprived of love, attention and affection does that justify infidelity?
I have heard men and women say, “what one won’t do another will.”
This is the bull crap ideology that dilute and destroy the value in the vow. Infidelity is never ok. The vow states for better or worst.
2.What can a woman do to satisfy her man?
First a woman must learn her man and master touching him in areas that warm his heart and create a sense of peace in his castle. To reach a man’s heart stains his brain, good sex is common and momentary.
3.What if a woman is the model wife and her husband is still not Satisfied?
A wife should understand that the problem is not in her, it is wicked behavior looking to prowl in her man. If it’s in him to stray, there is nothing she can do to make him stay. He has to come to the end of himself to see true love.
4.Identify two of the most important super powers a woman have over her man.
(a)Wisdom, a woman must know when her man need silence and calculated affection.
(b)The second is voice tone with self control a woman’s voice is the switch to a man’s emotions, bad or good.
5.How does a woman lack of Self Confidence or Self Esteem affect her relationship?
When a woman lack confidence and self esteem she become needy, doubtful and have a tendency to hold back the sexy.
6.Should a woman take control in the relationship as if she wears the pants?
A woman should never make her man feel as if he’s less than the man. A woman should be assertive but she should respect a man’s position as head of the home.
7.How can couples beef up their sex life?
Finding each others love language,  spontaneous four play, try something morally different, romantic  gestures like hot oil back rubs,  hop in the shower together…


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