A Journey into the Tempting World of Hip Hop

Dare – Abiola Abram’s debut novel
A Journey into the Tempting World of Hip Hop

Dare is a novel that tells the re-invention story of Maya Gayle Hope, a woman who felt that hip hop no longer loved her until she fell into its world. Maya is a sociologist, she is a bit quirky and geeky, a conscious Black woman that enjoys R&B, jazz, neo-soul and writing political poetry. Her interests include activism and observing human conditions and inclinations. Maya has great plans for the future but is currently working a job she hates, she suffers from low self esteem and has a broken heart after her engagement ends painfully. Athena Jackson, is Maya’s best friend and roommate. Athena is also completely different from Maya. A former cheerleader, Athena loves rap and composes rhymes. She aims to succeed in the music industry using her rap skills.

When unforeseen incidents prevent Athena from attending a talent search, she encourages Maya to take her place in a audition hosted by Shell the Boy Wonder, a relatively young and successful party boy and hip hop mogul. Maya enters and wins the competition using Athena’s lyrics, as a result both friends are immersed into the world of rap and hip hop. Initially reluctant to venture into this new world due to her dislike for the genre, Maya decides to go undercover in order to expose the inner goings of the business. She convinces herself that moving into the domain of hip hop and rap would be an excellent sociological experiment.

Concealed in the hip hop world, Maya becomes Jezebel, a passionate and alluring rapper. With this new persona, Maya rises to the top of the hip hop industry and lands in the spotlight becoming the best female rapper. Maya has to confront the insanity that comes with the hip hop world – the excess, the attention whores, the high-stakes poker forums and the big spenders – even when she finds herself enjoying the music and the men in the industry. Although at first a stereotypical good girl who does not like hip hop, Maya’s sojourn in the hip hop industry leads her to discover herself. She gains confidence and finds that she likes her new life better than her former one. Maya learns that as Jezebel, she is able to grasp the success, peace and love that eluded her when she was just plain Maya.

As both Athena and Maya traverse the hip hop industry, Maya learns new things that conflict with her established sociological view of life. On the other hand, Athena learns that the talent she thought she possessed does not compare with Maya’s. They both have to struggle with the fame and fortune that comes with the entertainment world, as well as the challenges fame poses to their friendship.

Dare is an urban retelling of the Faustian legend that is entirely focused on the hip hop industry. In the German tale, Faust sells his soul to the devil and is seduced and destroyed by temptation. Hip hop, and the world of entertainment in general, represents this devil and the temptation it presents. In Dare, Maya enters into a deal with her personal devil, hip hop, and has to face the consequences of her actions.

Dare features rap battle re-enactments, quotes from female rappers and a character that is modelled after Tupac Shakur. Dare gives a behind-the-scenes look in the glitzy, glamourous, and sometimes violent world of hip hop. The characters, as well as the plot, are believable, entertaining and engaging.

Dare is Abiola Abram’s debut novel. Abrams is best knowns for her work as the host of The Best Shorts on the Black Entertainment Television (BET). According to Abiola, the title is an acronym for “Dreams Are Real For Everyone” as it tells the story of daring to create new narratives.

Dare is a difficult book to label. Abrams has referred to it as “chick lit” while others have called it the “Black Bridget Jones’ Diary” and “street lit” due to its hip hop themes and setting. Regular readers of street and urban fiction may find Dare a departure from the usual. Disregarding any labels, Dare is fundamentally a human story about the metamorphosis of a woman trying to find her way in life. With themes that include the complications of friendship and the continuous journey of self discovery, Dare is a hip hop story that is unlike the norm.


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