A First Time for Everything by Chanelle B

Meet Sarai (Sa-rye) James, attorney at law; adored by her public and envied by her competition. She’s a clear cut, straight-talking, no-nonsense type of woman. When she speaks, there is no misunderstanding her tone. She means it! She makes you think she has everything under control, but don’t let that fool you. She’s controlled by a past that haunts her and a future full of uncertainty. She decides to break away from a day full of clients, who call every five minutes for an update on their case. She strolls down the busy streets of Atlanta searching for peace of mind, but what she finds is a lot more than she bargained for. She soon realizes that she has bitten off more than she can chew, when she opens a conversation that would never close. Though Sarai is used to running things, she finds herself treading through unfamiliar territory, with no way out, but in. Join Sarai, as she’s confronted by a series of events that will force her to discover who she really is. Each decision must be made carefully, as they have the potential to disrupt her career, her friendship and her happiness. Get ready to laugh your socks off, as she rides the unpredictable rollercoaster of life. What goes up, must come down, and the jokes never end…


AAMBC Review 2 Stars **

Sarai James is a popular young attorney. She enjoys the company of her best friend Desiree who keeps Sarai’s head on straight when her worrisome colleagues get on her nerves. On a day she learns she is to receive a promotion, Sarai meets a handsome man named Marcus at her famous hangout. During their first date, Sarai begins to feel that Marcus just may be the perfect man but gets an unexpected reminder about something from her past that continues to haunt her. I must say that I really wanted to like this book. Author Chanelle B. attempts to paint a funny and poignant picture of a no nonsense type of woman with a strong will and even stronger heart. However, I must say that with a weak and predictable story and youthful attempts at humor, I just could not bring myself to care about these characters. The problem is not simply that I could not relate to the characters, but they were just not people whose lives I found myself involved in. Still, A First Time for Everything just may be a good read for those lazy afternoons when you simply need a quick read and a couple of hours of escape

TaKeshia Brooks
AAMBC Reviewer

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