3rd Annual Holiday Book Drive

This year marks the third year for the Holiday Book Drive conducted by AAMBC. I for one am excited as I have built relationships with two group homes in the San Antonio Metro Area. The book drive is the spread the love for literature and to entertain those who are less fortunate in a way they would have never imagined. I hope you choose to donate. 2ndverse.net the premiere showcase of spoken word poetry has joined us in our quest to raise at least 200 books. December 9th our founder will conduct book drive at their monthly event.  You may wonder why books and not food, clothes, or money? Spreading literature is something that can never be taken away from someone. So please give out the gift of reading. I have located two homes and here is some information about each one

Seton Homes~ is a temporary resident for young teen mother’s ages 12-19 years old. 90% of them have been physically abused and have become pregnant not by choice. Others who have become pregnant have come to Seton Homes to learn how to be a great mother. For this location I am looking for teen books, inspiring books, and children’s books. Not to worry, if you are an author and your book doesn’t fall into this category please consider purchasing a book and donating it. PLEASE NO books with sexual content, rape, abuse, or torture. We must help these young girls evolve and some of them can not read well because they left school. Let’s help them make a turn around for the better.

Their website is http://www.setonhomesa.org/

San Antonio Family Endeavors~ is a permanent home for men, women and children. This home deals with some people who have had mental illness or a disability. We hope that giving them something positive or entertaining will help bring a smile to their Christmas holiday.

Their website is http://safamilyendeavors.org/

Please send in books that may fall into the following adventurous, inspiring, children books, romance, and mystery.

Please do not send in books with large sexual content, murder, rape, torture, profanity, and molestation.

If you can not send in books please help us buy books by donating $10 to AAMBC via paypal.com address [email protected] or mail in monetary donations.

Have questions please email us at [email protected]

Email us for direct mailing address

With book entry please include a synopsis of the book, genre, and contact information.


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  1. I think this is an excellent idea! I will see if I can locate a couple of my pre- published children’s books to donate to them…especially Numbers With Attitude…I think their young children would enjoy this book…


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