16 Years 2 Life By Gia Parker

Coming in Febuary 2011 from Quil & Tongue Publishing

Author Gia ParkerJaydah was a young girl born into a single family home to a loving strong mother, dedicated to instilling discipline into her young children. From a young age she had adult responsibilities. Her brother Dee had moved out to live with other relatives and she became the role model for her younger sister. They lived in a two bedroom apartment living pay check to pay check. Jaydah took care of her younger sister and her mother worked long hard hours. But together they were able to build a life of comfort and love. Jaydah’s mother soon realized that she was missing being close to her girls and decided to relocate. She began to work in a beauty shop and found herself in a new relationship. Things looked as if they would work out for the better, but the reality soon set in when Jaydah saw her mother being beaten for the first time. Her mother’s new boyfriend Reggie was a notorious drug dealer and most of all a womanizer. Jaydah was exposed to the life of drugs and prostitution at a young age. Her mother soon became pregnant with a son and her mother had found the strength to leave Reggie for good. Peace and serenity didn’t last long; her mother was keeping a deep dark secret that would tear the family apart. Jaydah was separated from her siblings and her mother went prison. It was up to Jaydah to find a way to keep the family together and be strong not only for herself but her family also. Even though her mother had been convicted of a crime, Jaydah and her siblings were imprisoned along with her.  All souls of her soul, victims of guilty innocence.


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